How is Bare Gum different?

Popular gum today is typically made from a plastic base and can contain synthetic ingredients, such as aspartame. Bare gum differs because it is made with natural ingredients . The gum base is from Chicle which is sourced from tree sap.

How is Bare Gum made sweet?

No nasties with making our gum sweet - we use Xylitol (good for cavities too!)  This is a sugar alternative and found in lots of living plants- like trees too. We source xylitol from European suppliers adhering to sustainability policies. Absolutely no aspartame or long E numbers in our gum and  no sugar.

Does Bare Gum freshen breath?

We stock two types of minty gum - Explosive Eucalyptus and Smooth Spearmint. This may  help to eliminate odorous breath.

Where can you buy Bare Gum?

You can head to our shop page on this website. In the future we hope you will find us stocked in local stores and other e-commerce sites such as Amazon.

Can I chuck it on the street?

Look, don’t go throwing things out on the street for fun… but just saying, our gum ingredients are all biodegradable.

Is the packaging plastic free?

All packaging  fully compostable and biodegradable (including the wrap on the outer box).

Can I swallow Bare Gum?

No, we suggest finding some paper to pop it out onto, or a bin.

What are your accepted payment methods?

We accept Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express as methods of payment.