we (bella+Jamie) were very shocked when we stuMbled across soMe crazy facts about SOME chewing guM brands... THAT THEY contain plastics and synthetic rubber – the same material that can be found in CAR TYRES!

So we set off on our mission to create a great tasting chewing gum that didn't contain any nasties or plastic and made from plants. After a year of research and product testing, we are very excited to introduce Bare Gum to you.

Instead of plastic, we have used a natural sap from trees to make it chewy. It's flavoured with natural oils  from plants. Bringing to your mouth an explosion of cool, fresh and powerful flavours. We hope you enjoy it!

100% powered by plants 100% powered by plants 100% POWERED BY PLANTS 100% POWERED BY PLANTS 100% POWERED BY PLANTS

why are we

chewing on plastic?

That's the question we - Bella & Jamie - asked ourselves back in 2018, when taking a closer look at what goes into gum.

Since then, we've been on a mission to cut the crap and create the punchiest, plastic-free chewing gum on the planet.  We call it Bare Gum.  

100% powered

by plants

Our little pocket-sized powerhouse has been formed from the tastiest, natural ingredients available. It’s made from sustainably-harvested tree sap called Chicle (this makes it nice and chewy) and flavoured with natural oils squeezed straight from the plants (which makes it phenomenally fresh).

That's all. Not a piece of plastic in sight. Bare Gum.

Chew tree sap. Cut the crap.

Chew, plants not plastic. Chew plants, not plastic.